Rained Off!

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I can see why Jefferies didn't want to change a winning side having beaten Dundee 4-0, but the circumstances at Motherwell were entirely different. 
This is a nifty Hearts side that plays great touch football on going that's good-to-firm.   This time they had to adapt to a wet, skiddy pitch - only they we didn't.  They played exactly the same kind of football, and it
painful to watch.  This was a night for putting your foot on the ball and being sure of your passes.  Hearts did no such thing and started the game as though they were a goal down.   Motherwell had no problem doing the right
thing - play it safe at the back and get the ball up the park.

Having slagged him off previously, I admit this was a game that needed Steve Fulton, probably in place of Jackson, who's not so effective when it's wet. 
Fulton's natural inclination to stand still was just what Hearts wanted.  
Whether Jefferies had switched to a 4-4-2 at half-time it wasn't possible to see.   Grant Murray had come on, but I don't know who'd gone off.   We got out of jail, no doubt, and hopefully we've learned a lesson without paying a price.