Hearts 3 Stenhousemuir 2

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Say what you like about Celtic fans (and most of us do), they back their team. My first visit to the Wheatfield Stand won't be recalled with any fondness as "What A Load Of Rubbish" rang out after half-an-hour as a second defensive mixup had allowed Stenhousemuir to score again.

Perhaps it shouldn't matter if they're right or wrong - you should back your team no matter what. But on this occasion they were totally wrong - Hearts had been punished for two mistakes, and although Stenhousemuir were up for it and Hearts were looking dozy, every time Hearts had the ball it wasn't difficult to see it making its way to the Stenny penalty area.

Hearts' attitude was rubbish, but their play wasn't and they had already missed a hatful of chances. Once they got down to business, it wasn't surprising the way the game went. I simply wasn't worried and neither was Jefferies, if we believe the newspapers. But no-one in the Wheatfield seemed to share our lack of concern. There was a mix of outrage and panic that doesn't make me think Hearts get the supporters they deserve. Get Your Finger Out was the worst I could think of shouting, but the level of abuse being hurled in the direction of the pitch pissed me off big-time. Who are these people that they seem to think every time Hearts touch the ball, everything should turn to gold? God knows I do my dinger at times, but to give the team such abuse can't do it any good collectively.

No wonder Jackson just stares at one guy in the crowd every time he scores. I know as well as anyone how unimpressive he can be, but one moment of magic from him is often more than you'll get from most players. And as soon as McSwegan came on, everyone started playing better, so there's a lesson there somewhere - but one for the manager, not the players. Hearts are considering a opening singing section of the Wheatfield Stand, and they've even sounded out the possibility of the services of someone with a big drum.

Frankly Mr Shankly, it's obvious that the majority just want to go and shout the odds, so Cozy Powell need not rise from the grave.