Paul Ritchie

I wonder if players, and Ritchie in particular, might learn a lesson from The Weir deal, that to spend a whole season in two, three or four minds makes them play shite and end up at Everton. They think they're in control, but they're not intelligent enough to be in control of their own situation. I was hugely disappointed with Weir's lack of professionalism throughout the season. If he'd sorted himself out early, one way or the other, he'd have been fine. Instead he faffed around and fucked up Hearts, and it was only after he'd gone that we got sorted. If Ritchie has any sense, he'll see that the coming season with Hearts will not be his best, and he will be in a worse position than he is now to command his future. But footballers are the most stupid people in the world, apart from the people who write to Kickback saying "How can we sell Jim Hamilton?" Fuck'em.

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