The Big Parade

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I woke up bright eyed on Sunday morning wondering where I should go for my usual Sunday morning cycle ride.

Of course, I had to pay tribute to the boys, I knew they wouldn't let us down and of course they didn't.
So off it was - the route of the big parade. Past the road closed signs but wait a minute the road was not closed what was going on? I got up to City Chambers and no-one was there apart from a couple of tourists, pehaps I was too early?

So off down Princes' St, no multitudes there either, past no thronging crowds to Leith Walk then through no post celebration empties to Easter Road.

The Nip looked pretty down as did a few others pubs with deflated balloons ( I bet there were a few thousand of those around). One lovely poster for the Scotsman 'Hibs vow to end 99 year old jinx', made mental note to go back via Scotsman building to blag a couple of copies.

Round Easter Road to see a couple of dying Hibees trying to support each other. Time for a wee whistle and that at least got a response ' go an f@@k yersel ya Jambo b''##ard'.

The sun was shining Dr Shadenfreude was enjoying himself, Mr Hubris would be calling at his surgery tomorrow suffering from a sore head having fallen from from a height on Saturday.