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Hearts vs Rangers - "What the Fans Said"

"I thought the linesman was a cheating cunt”
Bryan Smith, Slateford

“The linesman’s a cheating cunt”
Neil Mackay Edinburgh

“Total flipping cheating cant”
Gordon Hamilton, Warrender

“I thought Hearts were brilliant, but the linesman was a cheating cunt”
K Pisnorbo, Leicester (on the right)

“an exciting game spoilt only by the linesman being a cheating cunt”
Gray Cowan, West Kensington

“the linesman was a cheating Rangers c*nt”
J Findlay, Portsmouth

“the linesman was a lying fucking cheating leg shaving Rangers cunt”
D Allan, Tonbridge

“a cheating soapdodging weegie cunt”
S Herbertson, Kingston

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