Alan Anderson

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Alan Anderson

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Andy Anderson

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Why nominated

Simply he's the reason I started supporting Hearts over 30 years ago. No relation, but the combination of the name & the presence he exerted on the pitch made him my hero. Donald Ford and Drew Busby were the glory boys, but Alan Anderson was my main man.

Memorable Games

The biggest game of my memory was the 1975 League Cup quarter final replay at Dens Park. The reason is simple, as the first ever away mascot, I got to run out onto the pitch beside my hero with the number 5 on my back. I was bitterly disappointed when Jim Brown was made captain that night (sorry Jim) as it meant that I went down the tunnel with him, but as soon as I was out there I made straight for the big man. We got beat 3 - 2, but it didn't spoil the night.

Other Comments

I still have the Hearts scarf that was bought from the Sports shop Alan set up when he retired from the game. Does anybody know what he's up to these days ?