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Tom Heaney

Where Do You Live

Washington DC


FC Metz

Approx Date

August 98


Away, Friendly


Lost 2-0 (I Think)


Some Frog

What Happened

This was part of my Summer Tour following the Scottish Cup Holders.

Following on from Dublin we headed for France for the Friendly against our cup winning hero Stephane Adams old club, FC Metz. This game was played at a local junior clubs park in front of about 200 people including around 1 dozen Jambos.

Don't really remember too much about the football except Roussets penalty save. The French were great hosts loads of free beer, even Salvatori and McKinnon, when substituted joined in having a drink with us trackside (beer hidden of course).

Taking half-time penalties against Roddy McKenzie, getting nut-megged by wee Jose (god he must be good) and Getting Stephane Adams Hearts Polo-Shirt made for a great evening.

The only down side was my wife did'nae run off with Thomas Flogel after flirting with him (shit happens).

Going onto to an Irish bar with some Metz fans made for a lonnnnnnng drive home to the UK the following day.

Meaningless game but WHAT A TRIP!!


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