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John Findlay

Where Do You Live

Lovedean Hants


Lokomotiv Liepzeig

Approx Date

Sep/Oct 1976 (Wed 29 Sep 1976 - Davy)


Home, Europe


Hearts 5 Liepzeig 1


Can't remember them all but Remember Jim Brown got the first....Read on

( Scorers were Kay; Gibson 2; Brown; Busby - Davy)

What Happened

This was my first ever European game at Tynecastle and I swear to this day that the old ground moved with the excitement and sheer atmosphere that night.

2-0 down from the first leg, not many were giving us a chance. I attended this game with my Dad so instead of being able to be in the shed I had to go in the enclosure school side of it.

What a view I got of Jim Brown's goal. Now Jim was right in front of us and as the ball left his foot I knew it was going to end up right in their keepers top right hand corner, it was a cross by Jim but it turned into an absolute peach of a goal. This is what we needed and it set the tone of the whole evening.

Went in 2-1 at half-time so still going out the cup but, we just swept them aside in the second half, they couldn't live with us. Hearts were just brilliant, the best I had ever seen them play up to then(they have played just as good or better since) absolutely awesome. I have memories of looking over to the shed and seeing the heaving masses dancing as one it was like one massive open air rock concert, the noise from the support that night was unbelievable the best I had ever seen it.

Pitch invasion at the end which the club got fined for. Remember getting back home and watching it all over again on the telly and amazed that Alan Weeks was the commentator, Hearts were better that night than anything Torville and Dean could serve up.

It was a privilege to have been one of the many to have witnessed a performance like that.

Other Comments

Cane back doon to Earth when SV Hamburg gave us a footballing lesson at Tynie in the next round.

Still at least they went on to win the cup winners cup that season and, then sign Kevin Keegan.


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