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Lynn Aoki

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Dundee United

Approx Date

Wed.16th November 1977


Home, League Cup




Walter Kidd,
Drew Busby.

What Happened

It was the second leg of a league cup quarter final.
We lost the first leg 3-1 with Busby getting the goal at Tannadice.
I was only 14 at the time but here goes.The weather was atrocious,we had rain,hail,snow,the lot.
About 7500 of us were crammed into the covered area from the shed to refreshment stand.
Zico scored the first. Then Busby scored the equaliser.
It went to extra time but nobody could break the deadlock.
So penalties it was. I think Ray Dunlop saved 2 or 3 United ones.
'The Buzz' unfortunately kicked the mud and missed his.
However Eamonn Bannon stepped up and sank the winning penalty.
The atmosphere was magic.
The fans couldn't stop singing, 'We all agree Eamonn Bannon is magic'. (

Other Comments

I don't think many people gave us much of a chance.
I remember speaking to Drew Busby about the equaliser and him telling me he hardly knew anything about it,said the ball hit him on the face.
Also remember Willie Ormonds' comments in the next home programme thanking the fans for their superb support,especially on a night when 'ducks must have been hiding'.
The weather was that bad.
I was soaking through from head to toe and freezing my ass off,but boy oh boy what a night to remember!

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