London Hearts Memorable Match

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Keith Herbertson

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St Mirren

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Away, League




J Fleming (all facts Copyright d Allan)

What Happened

Late December 1968, Hearts at Love Street, for a 14 year old even more romantic than Diana Rigg in The Avengers, in leather gear.

Straight from the milk round to the warm can of pale ale (between two) in the back of the bus into the everday riot of flying bottles, cans, golf balls etc. Boldly laughing while picking glass out our hair from bottles that hit the shed roof, secretly wondering how to move out of range without losing face.

Just after the customary battle had been subdued by the polis I was hit on the 'buddies' side of the head by a missile. Allegedly my face went a whiter shade of pale as I felt the hot blood run slowly down my neck, I'm glad to say I didn't pass out with shock,......but my mate nearly did with hysterics when he realised that what I thought was a bottle was in fact a pie!!, the 'hot blood' was dollops of greasy fat!

My first of countless memorable games outside the city, don't recall ever returning to Love Street though, and after 1986 NEVER will.

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