London Hearts Memorable Match

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Question Answer

Nominated By

Timothy M. Pitt

Where Do You Live

Jakarta, Indonesia



Approx Date

4th April 1998


Neutral, Scottish Cup




Adam (2), McCann

What Happened

Not so much for the quality of footie as for the full maroon rollercoaster of emotions in 90 minutes! Chris and I got tickets along with Judy and her sister Ruth. We were just ecstatic when we went 1-0 up right at the start. The match dragged on into the 2nd half. There was a gut-wrenching silence when Falkirk equalised. Every Jambo was just stunned to silence - sick with 'Oh no, not again!'. It was such a deep, empty silence. Then Adam got his 2nd, and I just KNEW that was it - we were going to win this game AND win the Cup. From desperation to delirium so quickly! It was an amazing feeling. And at the final whistle, the whole crowd knew it - this was our year for the Scottish Cup!

Other Comments

The Dario G song was played (1st time at a footie game in Scotland) and we sang along, claiming it as our own. Ruairidh was too small to come to the match, but he waved and cheered from the window as we walked back the 5 minutes from Castle Greyskull. I had to drive south straight after, but I bought a flag and had it wedged in my sunroof all the way down.