London Hearts Memorable Match

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Nominated By

Steve Hunter

Where Do You Live



Real Mallorca

Approx Date

Sep 98


Away, Europe





What Happened

Started of one month earlier. I was on holiday with the wife and kids. Watching Sky news on the last day, I hear 'Hearts will play Real Mallorca'. I could see the disappointment on Andrea's face, 'Ya f****** beauty' jumps from my mouth as I danced round the apartment.

Four weeks later, we're at Edinburgh airport,5.30am catching the 6.30 'sleazy jet' to Luton. 11 am were on sleazy again, half tanked up plane full of singing Jambo's with a broken bog. Palma hear we come. Arrive at the airport about 2.30 get a couple of taxi's to Magaluf to meet boys from Bathgate who booked our apartment. Had told Andrea we were staying in Palma Nova, she would have gone mental know I was in Shagaluf. Staying in a run down tower block where the locals live, right at the very top, would never find our way back at night, so there was a doll on one of the beds that looked like'John Denver' so we tied a Hearts Scarf round his neck and hung him from the balcony looked like a dead baby from the street.

Every where you went at night was full of Hearts boys,the police were a bir wary though, every where a large contingent would gather, they would make sure there was going to be no trouble. On the night of the game,we headed for Palma at 5.30.Got to the main square, and there's Hearts fans everywhere. It's about 80 degrees and Dougie, one the mates has got sunstroke, he's got jeans, a leather jacket dark glasses and a face like a well skelpt erse and he's shivering like it's snowing.

The bevy in the ground is crap, 0% proof (not like Prague) and is a bloody death trap, a bigger version of Brockville. Anyway we're oot 1-1 is not good enough,just as well, I've spent as much in 4 days as I did with the family 4 weeks earlier.

Got back to Magaluf about midnight,and eventually got back to the terror tower at 6am, we had to be at the airport for 11am for the sleazy jet back to Luton. I was still pissed at the airport and got the wrong perfume for the wife got the men's aftershave by mistake, that was nice. Anyway, I'm back in Majorca on July 29 this year, so I'll miss the trip to Iceland, but here's hoping for the next round.

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