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Doesn't surprise me that many people don't rate this match as one of the best as we were lucky to have brought 2,000 through, though I swear that I have spoken to 10,000 who said they were there. End to end match with Celtic trying get on level terms after a cracking goal by Robbo (any goal at Parkhead was cracking).
Colqhuoun ran his legs off trying to prove to Celtic he was worth more than the 50,000 quid Celtic sold him for.
Late in the second half Aitken smacks into Robbo while going for the ball in the air, Robbo lands on his neck and is motionless.
Ref decides wee strikers are fair game from the bear's elbows.
Down for 6 minutes, Robbo is finally taken off.
Old Firm home advantage makes an appearance with the ref adding 12 minutes of injury time, Celtic coming close time and time again.
We held out!!!
Their supporters made their disapproval known outside on the wasteland and around the busses.
But nothing could qwell our joy.

Other Comments

Not only was this the first time Hearts defeated Celtic at Parkhead since before I was born, this was the second match of our unbeaten run, right on the heels of a very forgettable draw with Dundee at Tynie. This was the match that made the Hearts team and support actually believe in themselves.