London Hearts Memorable Match

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Nominated By

Paul Dodds

Where Do You Live

Dalkeith, Midlothian


Bayern Munich

Approx Date









Ian Ferguson

What Happened

Drawn againsy the mighty Bayern absolutely nobody gave us a chance.
> A great night for Scottish football at its best i.e. pissin' with rain,
and Tynie packed with 25,000 screaming their heads off -
Bayern didn't know what had hit them !
Like Rangers nowadays, they must have thought they just had to turn up to get a result but boy did they get a fright.
Some crunching tackles in the early stages soon let them know this wouldn't be a stroll in the park but nevertheless they were incredibly quick on the counter.
Not many chances of great note and then Hearts got a free-kick about 25 yards out. Up steps Fergie and hits an absolute scorcher that the goalie didn't sniff.
The shed went absolutely mental everybody just grabbing the nearest Jambo and cuddling him like a long lost friend.
I started way up the back and by the time the celebrations had calmed down I had somehow been thrown down to the front almost pressed against the fence.
A great night and as we all know, the width of a post in the return leg denied us a semi final against Napoli - Diego Maradona and all !

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