Rangers 3-2 Jan 1986

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Ragnar Lochen

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25 January 1986




Scottish Cup


won 3-2


Colin McAdam
Gary Mackay &
John Robertson.

What Happened

A very cold day and I remember most, if not all the players were wearing the new Nike Division all weather trainers. Even with the current form of play I was still wary of Rangers, actually I remember hoping for a draw !! After 20 minutes I thought Hearts were going to romp it, we had most of the play and typicaly Rangers went up the park and scored. I remember the Sandy Clark incident when he got taken off with a nasty head wound and thinking that`s it byebye Scotish Cup [well he was a class act] My friend and I normally stood to the right hand side of The Shed [if you were facing it]but because of the huge crowd [27.442] we decided to venture to behind the goals, when Rangers scored we got a bit uneasy and decided to move to where the casuals sat, and just as we got a seat, McAdam scored,after celebrating and gesturing to the I.C.F or H.M.S. as any normal 14 year old would do, we hurried back along the benches to our origional slot, but we couldn`t get round because of the disruption to the Shed [people were all over the place] so we went back to the fence, yet again just as we were ready to sit down, Mackay scored,we were knackered Rangers managed to equalise but we eventually made it to behind the goals, I was determined to see a goal close up, just as it looked like a trip to Ibrox was on the cards and me getting what I hoped for !! Robbo placed the ball into the net after Nicky Walker dropped the ball, i`ll never forget that incident because unlike the others I didn`t celebrate as much as them, I just wanted to watch the Shed go mental.

Other Comments

As usual the Old Firm fans were treated to some Gorgie Aggro, I remember the Rangers and Hearts casuals doing battle all the way along Dalry Rd, much to the annoyance of the Police