Queen Of The South

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Tommy Walker

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Queen Of The South

Approx Date

late 50's/early 60's
Sat 12 Oct 1963









What Happened

Late 50's / early 60's ?????
Sat 12 Oct 1963 Davy

Living in Lockerbie I had to be a Queens supporter, at least that's what the old man told me, especially as everyone else was OF (yes, even in those days).

Listened to the radio in the back kitchen, would've been half 6 (pm) and Queens had won (senationally) at Tynie 1-0. A year or so later we stayed in a hotel in England in the summer. We were the only Scots folks apart from Tommy Walker and his wife. Even as a kid he came across as such a great guy (the best record ever for a Hearts manager). He gave me a Hearts (lapel) badge and that was it. Even the old man supported me supporting Hearts after that...probably realised Queens were never going to win anything !

Anyway, as we all know Hearts won stuff all after that until a recent Cup win.

I still feel that if they promote their non-sectarian Scottish image, they can become a "big" club ( and let's face it the only time they were was when good old TW did the business). If you can do it once, you can do it again. CL looks the part...JJ broke the duck but let's face it he was too emotional / lacked self-discipline to do what Craig's on his way to doing now. If only we had a new pieman of the same calibre !

C'mon the Hearts