Rangers 2-1

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Bob Elrick

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16 may 1998




Scottish Cup




cameron(pen), adam

What Happened

I have been a jambo since I was born but wy wife cannot understand how this was the best day in my life. I took my son who was 11 at the time and after the game he said what do we do now !! All I could say was I don't know as I have never seen a Hearts cup win before.
Willie Young became my favourite ref ( until the next season when he allowed a Rangers goal after a blatant handball.) Seriously though when Micky scored I could hardly look and when steph scored the second it was like everything I had every wanted had come together in one moment. Ok we might not ever win the SPL but another couple of days like this would be magic. For those of us who had never seen Hearts win anything ( 1st division, east of scotland shield and tenants sixes do not count) it must have been their best day ever.