Hearts 1 - 1 Aberdeen

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John Smith

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Season 93/94 I think






Hearts 1 - 1 Aberdeen


Brian Irvine (I think), Robbo (pen)

What Happened

It was late in the season and it looked like we were on our way to the 1st division. We only had 2 home games left that season, along with a few tough away games so they only charged 1 to get in for those 2 games. Aberdeen scored just before half-time and were all over us for over an hour (bearing in mind that we needed at least 1 point). We got a penalty with about 2 minutes to go, Robbo buried it obviuosly then came close to winning it for us in injury time.

Other Comments

Wasn`t the best result or performance, but I recall half the stadium being non-existent due to reconstruction of the Wheatfield/Shed. Despite this they still managed to squeeze 13,000 into Tynie that night and the atmosphere was just unthinkable. It brought out a passion in the players as well, I can remember Tosh Mckinley running to the enclosure after we equalised and hugging everyone - almost in tears !