London Hearts Memorable Match

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Stuart Walker

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Dundee Utd

Approx Date

Nov 1977




League Cup




kidd, busby

What Happened

I response to Lynn Aoki of Japan, that was one of the most memorable games of my "young life", the biggest memory was Drew Busby kicking the ground as he took his penalty, that was OUR chance to qualify for a semi final of a national trophy after years of tears, luckily enough "one Eamonn Bannon" took us through to the chance of winning a car and a house against Rangers in a two legged semi final, I was lucky enough to meet Drew in the Orwell Lodge Hotel this year and more of a gentleman you would never meet, this was probably my biggest Jambo thrill as the Buzzbomb was my Hero for more years than I care to remember, to give him his due he admitted that was the worst penalty he ever took but as he said with a massive grin, we won and probably ended the worst years in recent Jambo’s hell , all respect to a true HEARTS hero.

Other Comments

Keep Hearts in GORGIE!!!!!!!!!!!