London Hearts Memorable Match

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Nominated By

Bill Tully

Where Do You Live



St Pats

Approx Date

10 July 05







What Happened

Living In Galway So Twin Brother And 2 Cousins Over For Pre Season Tour.
Had To Work On Sunday Morning. Caught Bus At 12 Midday To Dublin. Missed First Half.

Went To Pub. Saw 20 Minutes Of Second Half. 90 Degree Heatwave. Brother And Cousin Chatted Up By 2 Bingo-Winged Auld Yins In Pub. Missed 6 And 7 Oclock Bus Back To Galway.8 Oclock Bus Gets Us Back At 11.30. Pub Til Half Two And Beers Back At My Place Til 6.. 20 Mins Of The Match In A 16 Hour Trip...Mad. Decided To Get Flight Up To Dublin For Game Against Bray On Tuesday. Cheap Flight Only Takes 30 Mins. Get To Bray At Half Four. Burley And Others Having Coffee In Our Hotel. They Thought We Were Mental As They Recognise Us From The St Pats Game.

Another Scorshing Night. Four Of Us Invaded The Bray Shed And Singing Some Old 70s And 80s Songs. Pure Mental. Back To Hotel For A Sing Song And Very Late Residents Bar. Mental 5 Days For Two Crappy Friendlies.

Brilliant.. Better ! Than Majorca.. P.S. I Thought We Won 5-1 But My Brother Was Convinced It Was 4-1 Against Bray

Other Comments

Nae Segregation And Drinking And Talking To Away Fans Is What Its All About... Apart From Weegie Land And Fester Road