London Hearts Hall Of Fame Team

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Your Name

Timothy M. Pitt

Where Do You Live

Jakarta, Indonesia

Type Of Selection

All Time Great


Jim Cruikshank


Tam McKenzie


Gary Naysmith


Sandy Jardine


Dave McKay (Captain)


Craig Levein


Thomas Flogel


Drew Busby


Alfie Conn


Willie Bauld


Jimmy Wardhaugh

Sub 1

Antti Niemi

Sub 2

Alan Anderson

Sub 3

John Cumming

Sub 4

Darrenb Jackson

Sub 5

John Robertson


3-4-3 - Solid at the back, allowing any of Jardine, Levein, McKay or Naysmith to charge upfield.

A couple of hard tackling/forward thinking midfielders and a sublime front 3! Strength in depth in the subs.

Reasons For Picking Team

1. CRUIKY for the agility and longevity in the 1st team,

McKENZIE because my father-in-law said he was such a decent and "thorough" tackler,

WEE GARY for his skill in defending and attacking.

SANDY JARDINE - maybe the most professional and laidback player I ever saw.

DAVE McKAY - never saw him, but from tv and from what my father says of his Derby County days, my all-time hero! The ultimate in captains (which is another reason why I could have McKenzie instead of Bobby Parker).

LEVEIN - The original silky skills merchant!

FlOGEL - technically so good, excellent tackler and always a threat.

THE BUZZ BOMB - what can I say - one of THE heroes of the 1970s.

CONN, WARDHAUGH and BAULD - you cannot separate them!

Subs: NEIMI - can't really choose between him and Cruiky.

ALAN ANDERSON - another inspiring leader who spoke to me at the Centenary Open Day (reason enough!).

JOHN CUMMING - only on the bench because of Jardine and Levein. In a word- brilliant! Jackson - the workrate, the passing, the trickery and the delight in taking the p*** out of the opposition!

ROBBO - only on the bench becaise you can't split CBW! The 'I wish it was a 20 a side game' candidates: Willie Gibson, Willie Johnstone, Henry Smith, Walter Kidd, Gary McKay, Colin Cameron, Kenny Aird, Rab Prentice, John Colqohoun, Jim Jefferies, Bobby Parker.