Michael Muir

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Michael Muir

Where Do You Live


Type Of Selection

Best Team I've Seen


Antti Niemi


Dave McPherson


Gary Naysmith


Steven Pressley


Craig Levein


Scott Severin


Colin Cameron


Gary MacKay


John Robertson


Mark de Vries


Neil McCann

Sub 1

Gilles Rousset

Sub 2

Wayne Foster (due to a certain goal...)

Sub 3

Jose Quitongo

Sub 4

Gary Locke

Sub 5

Jean Louis Valois


I'm going for a flat back 4, with Elvis and Levein in the centre - Slim on the right and Naysmith on the left. Severin and MacKay in the centre of midfield and Mickey supporting the front pairing of Hibee bashers Robbo and Big Mark with Neil McCann on the left terrorising the defence.

Reasons For Picking Team

Although he's only been here a short while Mark de Vries for my mind would be the ideal strike partner for Robbo. Both have shattered Hibs - imagine the power of de Vries combined with Robbo's finishing ...

Valois is sheer class but McCann gets the nod because he's played more and I'll never forget his performance in the '96 Coca-cola cup final - he was on fire and we deserved to win that day.

Elvis is in due to both his leadership qualities and his consistency.

Levein was a classy defender but I never got to see him in his prime due to the fact he started playing for Hearts the year before i was born! But the few live games i did see him in were enough to convince me.

Slim gets in as well - although I'll never forgive him for refusing me an autograph back in '95!

Naysmith was tremendous in his all too brief stay at Hearts.

Antti Niemi is one of the best keepers I've ever seen - I was physically sick when he left!

Mickey was another great player we had to mourn the loss of, he'd make a excellent attacking midfielder for this team.

Wayne Foster has to have a place - that goal against Hibs was what made me a Jambo. I'll never forget it.

Wee Jose has to get in for two reasons - his debut against a certain team in green ... and of course THAT goal against Celtic. Probably the jammiest goal ever scored but one of the sweetest moments I can recall as a jambo.


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