Colonel H

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Colonel H

Where Do You Live


Type Of Selection

Best Team I've Seen


Anti Niemi


Alan McLaren


Gary Naysmith


Craig Levein


Paul Ritchie


Gary MacKay


John Colquhoun


Colin Cameron


Stephane Adam


John Robertson


Eamonn Bannon

Sub 1

Henry Smith

Sub 2

Dave MacPherson

Sub 3

Thomas Flogel

Sub 4

Sandy Clark

Sub 5

Scott Crabbe


4-4-2, with the flexibility to change to 4-3-3 or even 4-2-4.

Reasons For Picking Team

Niemi - Best keeper i've ever seen bar none.

McLaren - Solid defender, maybe RB not his best position but was still superb there for us. Would sit on the right allowing

Naysmith - to bomb forward and link with Bannon.

Levein - superb defender, had it all - pace, good in the air, solid in the tackle, could play football from the back, read the game excellently and was/is a great leader and organiser.

Ritchie - no nonsense defender, pacy, strong and would have been a great partner for Levein if they'd been around at the same time.

Colquhoun - Fast & skillfull up the right wing. Able to either hit the bye line & put crosses in or to cut inside and become a goal threat himself.

Mackay - On 86 form he was one of the best around. Hard working and skillful, with great passing ability.

Cameron - fantastic workrate, covered every inch of the park. But certainly not short on ability, and was always a very potent goal threat.

Bannon - Class down the left, not as fast as some wide players, but didnt need to beat his man to swing a good cross in. Another hard worker, and another goal threat from the midfield.

Adam - Although we only saw him at his peak for 1 season that was good enough for me. Fast and strong, very good at holding the ball up to allow others to join the attack and a great outlet for the defence to hit long balls to if needed. Also knew where the onion bag was.

Robbo - dont really need to justify this one.