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Your First Game at Tynecastle

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Since we are on a theme of leaving tynecastle, asking the question - What was your first game at Tynecastle?

I was a late starter watch hearts and my first game was on Saturday 13th October 1990 against St Johnstone with them winning 3-2. I was sitting in the Main Stand in the Family Enclosure!

My first game was a friendy around about 1990 i think

Hearts v Tottenham

Gazza was playin for spurs and hearts lost, got my first scarf that day and had it on at the bordeaux game
My first match was on saturday 23rd of september 1995. It was hearts vs celtic and we lost 0-4.

I remember piere van hooijdonk scored a hat trick. Not excatly fond memories but i still remmeber.
Graham Torrance
Mine was in 1984 or possibly 1985 - it was certainly the 84/85 season against Dundee. It was a Sunday fixture which was strange back then and as I remember, it finished 3-3. I was either 10 or 11 and I remember being in the "enclosure" as it was known - the standing area below the old main stand to the right of the tunnel as you look at it.
Scottish cup against Kilmarnock in 1987. Ended up 0 - 0

1989. Hearts 1-0 Bayern. All I can remember from the game is what I've seen on videos though.

Sadly things went mostly downhill from there
K_scotland i'm sure it was scotland B vs Portugal B thats the first match i can remember
Mine was 1.1.73 derby game cant remember the score.!!!
Gorgie Gav
First game was against Rangers in May 1990. Game finished 1-1 and both goals were penaltys. Think there was about 22,000 there, great atmosphere.
I know I went to the last 5 mins of a 1-1 game against Rangers. Closest to that year is Sat 05 May 1990, so I think that was my first game at Tynecastle.
Leith Jambo
First top team game was 7 April 1979 (thanks London Hearts) - we beat Motherwell 3-0 with an og and a Cammy Fraser double. I guess that means I'll get to my 25th anniversary even if we move next season.

Had previously been seen our reserves gubbed 6-0 by Rangers with Billy Urquart scoring all of the Rangers goals. Still went back though.
Ryan_Valois Mine was vs Falkirk in 1991 when I was just 4 and it finished 2-1 J.T's (To all you Hibbies reading this thread that makes me a total age of....16 )

(No 2-1 wins at home to Falkirk in 1991-92

1-1, 3-1 or 2-0 - Davy)  

I loved every minute of it and have never looked back, the following season I got my first season ticket, so when the time comes it will be a hard goodbye as i have spent most of my saturdays there

Doesn't matter where Hearts move, we will all follow
My first game was in 1986 versus Aberdeen when i was four years old!
Wee Robbo put Hearts into the lead but Aberdeen came back and humped us four one!!

(Can't find any 4-1 home defeats from 1986)
Iwas sitting in the family enclosure with my dad and my favourite teddy bear Mr. Pooh!
my first game was slavia prague we got beat (Won!) 4-2 but after that i was hooked and feel tynecastle is the real paradise
Maple Leaf
The first SCORE I remember, although it wasn't the first game, was Hearts 6 East Fife 1.

It was the debut game for a young striker, who scored a hat-trick. The striker was called WILLIE BAULD and the year was 1949 (1948 - Davy)

OK, you can all start laughing now.

Wed 19 Aug 1964 Hearts 8 Airdrieonians 1

Thought it was very boring compared to the 'next one's a winner at 24-24' kickabouts I was used to down the Figgate Park, and spent most of the game moaning to my granddad could we go home now....
smiffy Mines was a wednesday night 1990 vs st mirren (1991!) it ended 0-0 was in the main stand wi ma dad. will never forget it
ford prentice
unfortunately first game at tynie was hearts 0 wee team 7.

before that had seen them a number of times in glasgow though including rangers 0 hearts 1 when tommy murray sat on the ball - good to see him and Donald Ford at tynie for the bordeaux game
Peter Tosh
Have not a clue what my 1st home game was but 1st away was at Shawfield(sp) Clyde v Hearts and we lost by two goals to nil. The game was really bad, my dad was not very happy and they had a track round the park for greyhounds.

Tried to find out what year it was using the London Hearts website and can't believe it might have been in 1974. That was a long time ago.

I've just been reminded that I'm getting on a bit.
Hearts v Dundee Utd, on Saturday 14th September 1985. We won 2-0 with a header from Roddy MacDonald and a clynical strike from wee Robbo.

The crowd that day was 7617 (thanks London Hearts), but when that 12 year old boy walked up the stairs of the old stand and looked out onto the pitch for the first time, he experienced his first knee trembler! and it still happens to this day. That is unless my wife's at the game.
Hearts v Morton - 1951. A 4-1 win, but King Willie only scored one goal.
Can't remember how long ago was about 12/13,the game was v's Dundee Utd. we won 4.1. My first taste of the SHED!!! The feeling was great, can't beat that feeling anywhere!!
Div1next season

My first match at Tynie was a reserve match against Rangers in 1995, I can't remember the score though.

I think my first time to see the first team was the following season vs St Johnstone.
My first game at tynie was Alex McDonalds testimonial versus Rangers. Rangers won 4-2 Kevin Keegan played for Hearts that day!!! (Score was 3-2)

I stood in the main stand which is now the enclosure.


Cannie mind which year it was, I'll ask Davy Allan the morn.

Kool Ron Jeremy's on frank skinner!
22/3/75 Hearts 0 Arbroath 0. Last season of the old 1st division.
Sat 19th August 1995

League Cup

Second Round

3-0 Alloa

McPherson, Hamilton, Leitch

In the school end stand with ma uncle

age 8
Cabbie Can't remember the first time I went to Tynie, sometime in the late 60,s.
First away game was at Muirton Park v St. Johnstone around the same time. My memory is geting bad!

It was my big brother who took me to the games and we still meet up and go to some games together.

Oh and I was at that game 1.1.73 and I rememberwe won the next Derby 4-1
A midweek friendly against the Smoggies ( Middlesbrough ) which we lost 4-2 in 1968. That was me started and I didnt miss many home matches for the rest of that season. Used to go round to McLeod St to get autographs after the match.

(I probably shoved you aside to get ford and cruikie's autographs as a 12 year old - still got my autograph album somewhere Scott H)

I,ve got a complete set of home league programmes for that season somewhere.
Happy days ! 3d ( pennies , pre decimalisation ) each. Thats 1.25p in new money. God that makes me feel old !
jamborley mine was v dundee ona cold wednesday night in september 1988.a week before the st pats euro game,i remember iain ferguson scoring after rab shannon scored,we got a draw,i remember only 6 thousand there and robbo had just gone to nufc.i was in old stand fam inclosure,remember the shed,floodlights and bovril,oh and capital decorators on the side of the roof at shed,i fell in love with this crumbling old park,hard to explain,id found home.
as I grew up in Wheatfield place I was at most games from about 1976 onwards. Still remember as a 6 year old hanging about the turnstiles pre kick of hoping to get a lift over. If I was unlucky I would just wait as about 15-20 mins from time they would open the gates and I would just saunter in. Ahh the memories
Tom Heaney
Having attended my first Hearts game away to Killie the week before (we lost 2-1) I dragged my dad along to Tynie the following week to witness a 1-0 loss to Airdrie (April 1973) Didn't get much better we only drew the following week at home to Dundee. Not exactly an illustrious start to my career as a Jambo
jambosteve1 Can't remember I was 5. I remember going to Easter Road (the Pigery) to see hearts vs hibs on new years day when it was snowing and wee robbo scored a free kick to make it 1-1
Worthing Jambo
1973 v Rangers at Tynie with my uncle (now sadly gone). (1974 - Davy) 
The Rangers fans took over the Shed and hurled abuse at Drew Busby for the whole game, he then became my idol!!
1 - 1 I think.
His kids must be old enough to sign for Hearts by now!!
HisRoyalWyness It was 1963 against Clyde, or so I was told. (Either 1962 or 1964 - Davy) I was nearly 4 years old and if my old man was still alive he would know the score. He used to take me along for the last half hour or so, when they used to open the gates after half time.

One of my lasting (sad)memories was being at the Kilmarnock game at the end of the 1964/65 season, when we lost the league. I was sitting on the wall at the front and got pushed on to the track by my old man everytime there was a crush from the crowd behind.
jambro April ' 77 against Kilmarnock, pretty sure we had to win to avoid relegation - we didn't! I was in the back row of the old stand and smacked my skull of the roof support when we scored. (No Home games in April 77 against Killie!)

Didn't put me off though
Dont know if it was my first game but certainly the earliest I remember, beating Dundee United at home 2-1 in February 91 when I was 3.
pratsina glitsa
Third Lanark in 1958 - won 8-3.
Still have fixed in my mind the brilliant vermilion red strips of Third Lanark
August 22 1987 - Hearts 4 Dundee United 1.
teepeehmfc Hearts were unbeaten at Tynie for the whole of 1986, so think you've got your dates wrong bud ....

My first game was 29 October 1983, Hearts beat St Johnstone 2-0 and Robbo scored both .... Sat in the old stand, and although I was only 5 I still remember Robbo's 2nd was a lob over the advancing keeper.
Professor Vodka
My first game was i think 83/84 season v's Rangers. We scored 2 late goals with a young Robbo getting the equaliser deep into injury time think Derek O'connor got the first goal. Always remember i was on my way out with my old man and the place went mental
jambojim52 Are we the oldest supporters here? My first game was in the mid fifties I only ever saw the ball when it was in the air. ( I was too small to see the pitch )
Loco Leipzig 1976 5-1
JamboToTheEnd Mines was in '94 or '95 I think.

2-0 v Aberdeen, Frail & Robbo. Was hooked.

Missed about 5 home games since.
Sat in the section closest to (now) the Wheatfield stand. Clearly remember the smell of hte brewery and finding it funny the Aberdeen fans had to stand.
0-4 Celtic in 94 (1995 I reckon)
I'll be nicking these and putting them on LH Website with links!

I know I was at games earlier than this

I remember being at this one

Sat 01 Aug 1970 Hearts 4 Dunfermline Athletic 2

1st League game I remeber being at was

Sat 26 Sep 1970 Hearts 5 Airdrieonians 2
GorgieRules 25th August 1987 - Clyde - 2-0 - League Cup 2nd.

Double by Robbo! If I can remember rightly think one was a pen.

Just seven and also twirled my scarf for the first time at that game too! Sitting in the old Family Enclosure.
22InARow Can't remember the date but think it was the end of the 85/86 season or start of the 86/87 season beasting Clydebank 3-0 at Tynecastle, sure Colquhoun scored a beauty that day. Was 6 years old. Remember after each goal I wondered why the keeper used to boot the ball aimlessly up the pitch until I realised that they re-took centre!!!
(no 3-0 victories at home with JC scoring!)

Anyway good enough to check the dates of this one? Mind we also had our car window smashed in, dad wasn't to happy being a hibby and all!!!
Pam Hearts v Hamilton 8th January 1983, 2-1 to us (pettigrew and ??)

My dad only took me because he thought my mum wouldn't moan at him for going to the pub afterwards if I was with him (I think she thought he would drink less ... ha ha ha). Little did he know what he would start by taking me along that day!
I think the first game at Tynie I ever went to was a Hearts A team vs Hearts B team in the early 80's. The first competetive game I can remeber was Hearts Vs Stirling Albion in the cup when we were a goal down and came back to win 2-1, again in the early 80's.

Long gone are those days!!!!!!!!!
Crofter No particular football tradition in my family, although my brothers were at the Texaco Cup game against Wolves, so I was a late starter. I remember a game probably a Derby in '75 ish before segregation I was in the shed, it was pretty mental. Then one or two derbies again I don't particularly remember them.

But the game I generally regard as my first was against Inverness Caley in the cup. We won 6-0 Gary Mackay got four. Willie Johnston was playing wide left and at one point got down on his hands and knees to beg for a pass as everyone seemed to have forgotten him.

That was me hooked!

Just discovered the other day on Londonhearts that this was Robbo's 100th game for us.
Ulysses My first game was the August 1985 1-1 draw with C****c, when they equalised in the 439th minute of injury time. Ifs and buts, eh?
Hearts 3 Dundee Utd 1, 8th February 1975

Sat in the stand and was amazed by the noise made by people banging their feet on the floor
David Reid
Airdrieonians Sept 1970
We won 5-2 and I've got the programme.
PG.. Wed 12 Aug 1981

League Cup Section match

Hearts 1 Aberdeen 0

Big Scalp at the time and Shock of the night.

Was only 6 but I'm sure it was a free-kick
Jamie Davidson
Can't remember the exact date but it was a Scottish Cup game at home to Motherwell, and we won 4-0. Was probably about 1990.
Alex MacDonald
Had been to a few reserve games but my first 1st team game was a 3-1 win against Partick Thistle at Tynie in Mar/Apr '74.
Hat trick from Drew Busby, all from Rab Prentice crosses.
I'll never forget it.
First Game at Tynie was against East Fife in the Scottish Cup in 1983, sitting in the Main Stand.
I'm sure it was on a Sunday we won 2-1 and I think Derek O'Connor scored that day.
rh1 Been racking my brain about this one and the earliest one i can remember is the 3-2 game which was wee robbo's first derby i think. Should have known back then my happy visits to Tynie would be few and far between.
When was that game?
My first game at Tynecastle was Hearts V Rangers 1988, I think....I was the mascot.

I remember the game for a few reasons one was Davie Cooper going on a solo and slotting it past big H and Chuck Berry scoring for Hearts.

I remember freaking my dad out saying in the players lounge that I would spit on graeme souness if he came near me!!!

Tynie was packed to the rafters that day, the old terraces and pie stands-great memories.

Tynecastle is our home and always will be in our Hearts.
Hearts 5 Partick 3...November 1959.....9 years old..always remembered the score but had no idea of the year but thanks to London Hearts now know all details of the game.

Used to climb over the wall at the stonemasons yard at the bottom of Wheatfield,climb up the jib of the crane and dreep doon with help from the fans already inside,4 of us done this for a couple of weeks ,until one Saturday dreeped right intae the polis.the whole stadium must have been able to see us on this crane, so a boot up the ****, to a lot of cheers for innovative thinking .

Wish it were only you four.
Curiously, (or otherwise) I have absolutely no memory of my first game at Tynie.
My earliest recollection of a Hearts' game is, I believe, at E.R. in a League Cup semi-final versus Stirling Albion. (think we won 4-1) (2-1 - Davy)
My weeteam following dad took me down there.

If I've imagined this whole thing, I'm relying on you Davy.
Nov 87 v St Mirren. I can remember rain...and getting annoyed at Hearts players shooting at Henry Smith until I was told it was just the warm up...and not much else. 0-0.

But the start of 16 years of regular attendance, not much to some, but a healthy chunk out of my life
John Findlay
My first game at Tynecastle was December 1965 the opposition were Clyde and we (Hearts) won 4-1. I remember entering the ground with my dad at the McLeod street enterance to the school end. We had entered McLeod street from the Gorgie Road.

The first thing that struck me was the front of the main stand and seeing an old railing fence in dis-repair in front of a stretch of green grass it, did not look a pretty site quite a dump if truth be told. later at the start of the 70s the social club was built which is now some learning centre of sorts and the front of the mainstand looks far more appealing nowadays.

I like Tynecastle as a stadium it is nice and compact and can generate an atmosphere that can be second to none anywhere. have 1,000s of memories both good and bad, being there as a nine yr old that fateful New year's day in 73, being there 9 months later in the September and giving Hibs a right going over although the scoreline was only 4-1 instaed of the 9-1 it should have been.

Being there the night we skelped Lokomotiv Leipzeig and looking across from the enclosure(school end side of the tunnel) to the shed and watching thousands of Jamtarts(we were not known as Jambos then) bouncing as if they were at a massive rock concert.

Being there again a few weeks later and admiring a then West German outfit called SV Hamburg as they totally played us off the park and gave us a right 4-1 skelping(8-3 on aggregate) and along with thousands of other Jamtarts giving the Hamburg players a standing ovation off the park.

Being there on a lovely sunny Saturday afternoon and watching us get beat 1-0 by Airdrie along with 4,499 others, dark days indeed
Paisley Jambo A gloomy November day in the late 1970's.

Hearts 1 St.Mirren 1
Dr Lager Good God. Was it that long ago. 0-0 vs Morton 12 March 1973. Every bit as glamourous as it sounds.

1971 V Morton 6-1 win with Donald Ford scoring a hat-trick. Thought Hearts always played like that. For long periods of the next ten years they tried to show it was a one off.

Sydney Stew
Boring Old Pharts Club
First game was the European cup v Benfica (1-2) in 1960. I remember some little git trying to pick my pocket. (maybe grew up into a Tory MP or an accountant).
The press reporting hasn't changed - they slagged off Hearts for losing to some little-known Portuguese side - who then proceeded to become the first club to wrest the title from Real.
Looking at the records ("Gritty, Gallant, Glorious"), I'm surprised the crowd was only 29,500. Was it ticketing, or a lack of interest in Europe at the time? There were 5,500 more for the LC Section game v Motherwell that season. 35,000 seems to have been the capacity then, although a glance at the records shows 45,000 at home to the Huns the previous year. .
The next game I remember was 9-0 v Tarff Rovers the same season. Probably a good job there was no mid-season break for the top flight then.
my first game was early 80's against Queens park as part of a 7th birthday party. game was abandonded but got a run about on the pitch. First proper game was 86 againtst clydebank. won 2-1 with gary mackay scoring from a corner. MEMORIES

Glamorgan Jambo
10th November 1973 Hearts 1 (Roy kay) - Dundee Utd 1 (90th minute equaliser)

Went with my Dad and stood in the old N. Enclosure (Section N lower!)
Owen P
3-2 win (3-3 lost on away goals) at home to Stuttgart. Couldn't find the right seat and spent the whole first half one section away from my mate, in the same row, in the Roseburn. Just behind the posts. You could see me on the TV highlight on one of the goals. Well chuffed I was!

My very first game at Tynecastle was a 1 - 0 win against Falkirk, but at only 5 I didn't really appreciate it then. I spent the next few seasons being lifted over into what is now section N, by my auld man.

I made my 'debut' to the Hearts fans in April 1980, after appearing on the front page of the Pink News earlier that season when the game got postponed due to a snow-bound pitch.

Leading the team out for a 2 - 2 draw, and more than a little bit of heckling from the fans , if anyone has a spare programme from that game they fancy selling - it's the only one I don't have from that season .

Moved around to the Shed shortly after that, making my debut in there in 1983, when we recorded a fine 3 - 2 win over Hibs, and I was hooked