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6th Aug 2006 Hearts 2 Celtic 1 - 2nd Half

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CRW_2910 CRW_2912 CRW_2913 CRW_2915 CRW_2916 CRW_2917
CRW_2918 CRW_2920 CRW_2921 CRW_2922 CRW_2922a CRW_2923
CRW_2924 CRW_2925 CRW_2926 CRW_2927 CRW_2928 CRW_2929
CRW_2930 CRW_2931 CRW_2932 CRW_2933 CRW_2934 CRW_2935
CRW_2936 CRW_2937 CRW_2938 CRW_2939 CRW_2940 CRW_2941
CRW_2942 CRW_2943 CRW_2944 CRW_2946 CRW_2947 CRW_2948
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