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The First Great Edinburgh Derby - The Five Games for 1878 EFA Cup

The Victorious Hearts Team

The Victorious Heart of Mid-Lothian Team

The five games played in 1878 for the EFA Cup established the Heart of Mid-Lothian and the Hibernians as the 2
major clubs in Edinburgh and the East of Scotland.
The interest in the 5 matches cemented the 'Edinburgh Derby' as the main contest in Edinburgh.
It is the 2nd oldest regularly played Derby in the world behind the Nottingham one.

We detail below the 5 contemporary match reports from the Scotsman and
how William Reid and Albert Mackie saw it in 1924 and 1959 respectively.
Also included are match reports from games taking place on the same day.

James Whitson's medal from the match

James Whitson's medal thanks to Gary Cowan

Sat 09 Feb 1878 Heart of Mid-Lothian 0 Hibernians 0

Mayfield Park

3rd ERV vs Edinburgh University
Sheffield vs Glasgow

Sat 16 Feb 1878 Heart of Mid-Lothian 1 Hibernians 1

Mayfield Park

Edinburgh University vs Glasgow Clyde
Nottingham Forest vs Rangers

Sat 23 Feb 1878 Heart of Mid-Lothian 1 Hibernians 1

Mayfield Park

International Trial Match
Probables vs Improbables

Sat 06 Apr 1878 Heart of Mid-Lothian 1 Hibernians 1


Queen's Park vs Birch Club Manchester

Sat 20 Apr 1878 Heart of Mid-Lothian 3 Hibernians 2


Rangers vs Nottingham Forest

From The Hearts 1874 to 1924 by William Reid

From The Story of Heart Of Midlothian F.C. by ALBERT MACKIE



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