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Pity unfortunates who pay money to watch


14 Dec 1992

MUCH has been written and spoken about the lot of a Scottish professional footballer -- too many games, being rushed back into action after injuries which could do with a little more rest, not to mention all the training which must be gone through.

However, if the existence of some players is not to be recommended, a thought, please, for the unfortunates who pay through the nose for the pleasure of watching their heroes going about their business, and are given precious little in return.

Most spectators do not expect too much, a smattering of skill, a touch of effort, a little goalmouth excitement, and, just now and again, a goal by way of an excuse to warm the hands.

But for some time now such demands have been out of the reach of most of those who wear St Johnstone jerseys.

In the 1-1 draw against Hearts on Saturday most of the men in blue were little better than dreadful.

The excuses, of course, can be paraded on demand.

Key players injured, side hit by suspensions, the luck was all against us, or, best of all, the attitude was all wrong out there.

Alex Totten, the St Johnstone manager, took excuse No.1 at the weekend: "We had six experienced players missing," he said.

But with a closer peek that one falls somewhat flat.

True, Sergei Baltacha had the day off because of misbehaviour which led to his suspension, and Tommy Turner replaced Paul Cherry.

Perhaps that change could be seen by some as an improvement.

However, the rest of the side have been harnessed up in recent times.

But it seems that some of the good folk of Perth are becoming more choosy as to how they dispose of their cash.

Only 4362 filed into McDiarmid Park and at least one third wore maroon and white.

Christmas shopping may have encouraged some St Johnstone supporters to keep their favours neatly folded in a safe place, but unless Andy Rhodes and Paul Wright have more assistance in their work, the blue scarves and hats may be given an airing on fewer occasions.

Just after the hour mark on a chill afternoon Wright was where all good strikers should be when the ball is kicked into the danger area, and the little man did not dally before cancelling out Ian Ferguson's first-half goal for Hearts.

On reflection, Joe Jordan, the Hearts manager, claimed that his band had played in a positive fashion, and but for the fine handling of St Johnstone keeper Rhodes may well have returned to the capital city with a better return for their labours.

Taken from the Herald

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