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Stout Hearts aim to keep up workrate


19 Sep 1994

THERE is much work to be done at Tynecastle, on and off the pitch, if Hearts are to be retained within the hierarchy of Scottish football.

Going into Saturday's home match with Dundee United, the team had gleaned just one point from their opening four games while, in the boardroom, cash could hardly be more scarce.

However, in a business where activity on the fiscal and commercial fronts depends on the efforts of the football end of the partnership, the players are doing their bit.

Despite a harrowing first month, Tommy McLean and his coaching aides had his side prepared to face United, relaxed and without the recent nervousness.

Subsequently, they raced to a handsome half-time advantage, which, despite some hairy moments immediately after the interval, they held with some comfort until full time.

Teenager Kevin Thomas justified his inclusion with a goal in 22 minutes, and an afternoon of industry, until he tired to make way for the equally impressive Maurice Johnston.

Full back Stephen Frail underlined Hearts' re-established confidence when pushing forward to score 17 minutes later, after substitute Alan Johnston had tested Alan Main.

The unpredictable Jerren Nixon produced one of his finer moments two minutes into the second half to test Hearts' belief, which held intact to record their first premier division victory of the season.

Now it is up to chairman Chris Robinson to produce the back-up, after his manager and players have clearly indicated that they are in a position to hold their end up.

The catering chief has been on record this week insisting that he and his colleague Leslie Deans have invested more than any other persons in the history of the Edinburgh club.

They have, of course, invested nothing in Hearts.

They have purchased 50% of Wallace Mercer's share-holding and so far the football club have not benefitted financially from the change in the ownership.

But the men have demonstrated courage and commitment to the club they have followed as fans.

The investment will come from the supporters who they hope will take up an issue of non-voting shares, to be made available next month.

The willingness to subscribe to that offer will be the ultimate judgment of the current condition of Hearts.

Those who watched on Saturday will conclude that the team are fulfilling their end of the deal.

Taken from the Herald

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