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[C Carignano 76]
11 of 018 Dennis Wyness 31 ;Robbie Neilson 89 E A

FCB does not come from the hole: 1:2 against HeartsDer

FCB comes not from the hole and loses also
against Heart OF Midlohtian with 1:2. Wyness brought the Scots in the 32. Minute in guidance. Carignano resembled into de 77. Minute out, however the Scots could in the 89. Minute by Neilson still the victory hit obtain. With the FCB the precision often missed.

The Basler began the play very pressureful. Away from beginning they could erspielen chance around chance and came themselves several times dangerful before goal keeper Gordon. But the jams with the FCB continue to stop and assigned Huggel and Smiljanic already in such a way in the first 5 minutes two good head ball chances. But since the Basler had the Scots clearly in the grasp, the whole was not yet so bad and the guidance seemed only one question
of the time to be. Up to fatal 32. Minute.

In order to say it clearly, it was again times a disputed scene of that the football lives and
under which it also suffers. Wyness took from 18 meters a shot and Pereira stood in clear Offside
position exactly in the line of fire. The Scot wanted to even still divert the ball, did not affect it however any longer. To its luck and the pitch of the Basler the shot sat in the corner and Schiri Jakobbson however exactly gave the hit and not the alleged Offside. Correctly or not? On the one hand a clear fact decision. Since Pereira does not affect the ball, it does not intervene actively in Spielge, therefore it stands passively in the offside, which the Schiri can whistle, but does not have. On the other hand it wants to intervene clearly and its movement confuses the goal keeper reliably. Thus it intervenes nevertheless and stands thereby actively in the offside.

As fan or medium-creative one can discuss naturally for hours. As a football professional however one must away-put and show a reaction. But this did not succeed to the Baslern at all. They strove, but the attack efforts were too harmless and idealess. Thus the Scots became not more dangerously, Basel however remained likewise unsuccessful. Thus it went with the arrears into the break.

After the interruption the same picture. Basel strove, but the crucial passport was missing. One missed an idea giver, that the responsibility took over and the team forward drove. In the 63. Minute brought then Carignano to large for Rossi. The number 33 is perhaps a symbol for the momentary situation with the
FCB. He strove, some chance had, could not reuessieren however. Know did new acquisition the Carignano better? At least today already. In the 77. Minute was launched the Argentinier by its compatriot Delgado super, interspersed themselves at the punishing space border against two Scots and met reliably to reconciliation.

Thus the flame seemed to up-blaze again and one expected a pressureful FCB in the last minutes. But the 89. Minute brought the disillusionment, as Neilson with the only attack of the Scots in the second half to the 1:2 met.

Thus the defeat was fact and one mourns on the one hand after good chances (z.B. the flight head ball of Chipperfield in the 56. Minute), on the other hand were there still this disputed 0:1. Perhaps the play could possibly sometimes have run completely
differently, there the arbitrator would not have on gate decided.... But evenly, with the Konjunktiv alone there are no points. Surely the FCB had today much pitch at the shoes and the Scots to its
simple concept (in the back) also much luck. Completely the UEFA Cup 1/16-Final is lost not yet, but it becomes much, very heavily.

Basel meets now coming Sunday on St. Gallen as well as on Wednesday outward on Ferrencvaros Budapest.

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