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I'M reliably informed that The Goodies Still Rule Ok! will be a big hit at the Edinburgh Festival but what about Jammy Tarts and Spare Parts?

Actually, it's not on the Festival menu but if there were any comedy writers at Murrayfield then on the evidence of the first half they'd have been taking notes for next year's Fringe.

Let's face it, Hearts were lucky to go in at the break 0-0 and when you have a nickname like the Jam Tarts you're leading with your chin while all sorts of comedians are in town.

Indeed, when the Greek side took the lead the script was writing itself.

What really annoyed me about having to stay home and watch the match on BBC2 is that I could have been at the Festival to see the Lady Boys of Bangkok Full Moon Party Show.

But sometimes a fella has to make sacrifices so there was me in the company of Dougie Donnelly and his chums. But who's complaining!

When Saulius Mikoliunas opened the scoring for Hearts I was glad I'd parked my keister on the couch for the evening.

Iwas pleased to see Hearts take the lead but what really tickled my imagination was when the cameras panned in on their head coach Valdas Ivanauskas.

I always feel he has the look of one of those old silent movie rogues. It's the manic OTT look in his eyes and his severe expression and I believe he's the great nephew of one Conrad Veidt who had regular bit-parts when the silent era was in full fling.

To put you in the picture, he had Ivanauskas eyes, as it were. Or to put it another way, the Hearts chappie looks like one of those villains who were always chasing Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton round a room!

Which is not to say that Ivanauskas is a bad guy or anything like that for looks are often deceiving.

Taken from the Daily Record

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