London Hearts Memorable Match

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John Findlay

Where Do You Live

Lovedean Hants



Approx Date

November 75 (I think)


Home, League




Hearts (Ralph Callachan, 25 yard cracker at Gorgie end) Pat Stanton Gorgie end.

What Happened

I remember this match because it is the only Hearts V Hibs game that I went with Hibs supporters, my mate Mike McGinnie from school and his Dad.

Instead of going to somewhere neutral like the enclosure, no in with the Hibbies right at the corner of the shed. His Dad even asked me to hide my scarf!

Anyway Ralph C scores an absolute beauty in the first half and I jump for joy and get caught mid-air by his Dad and told to calm down(the cheek). Anyway, what I remember most is Donald Park quickly followed by JJ (I think it was that way round) getting sent off and about 6 Jambos getting on the pitch and heading for the B*****D in the black, because of this incident the B in the B adds loads of injury time and I think Stanton equalises in something like the 94th minute.

Straight after he scored the Hibs goalie McArthur gives the old 2 finger salute to Hearts supporters behind his goal, and is then legging it to the Half way line followed by a couple of irate JTs( I wonder why) anyway Hibs supporters decide to give it a Celtic walk-on with scarves above their heads.

This is too much for this 12yr old to take. I remember 73 and I join the walk-on with Hearts scarf high above head and fully extended in all it's glory. I swear to this day that it was spotted by the Gorgie boys in the shed and they gave me a cheer.

That's how I remember events.

Other Comments

To this day I still don't like Mike McGinnie's Dad.


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