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Nominated By

Steve Hunter

Where Do You Live



Slavia Prague

Approx Date

Sep 92


Away, Europe


Lost 0-1

What Happened

Set off on the Sunday,game was on the Wednesday in a Renault Espace 7 seater,5 of us. Caught the overnight ferry to zeebrugge,then on to Frankfurt on the Monday. Booked into some dodgy Turkish hotel in the red light district. Got bladdered on German beer,but not much action.

Tuesday headed for Prague. Took ages getting through border patrol,but the guard waved us through after sticking his head in the window and getting a smell of my trainers. Prague was booked solid and we toiling to find a hotel,and with the pevo only 18p a bottle we could'nae care less. Then this native came up to us in the pub and asked if we wanted to 'hire his hoose' 100 quid for 2 nights right in the centre. I woke the following morning with his wife's bra and pants on, no idea how it came about but still got the pics as evidence.

Only about 500 Jambos at the game but everyone was pissed the pevo man was walking about the ground selling beer at 10p a pint,cant remember much about the game. After the game, walking back fir the tram, there, about 100 Slavia fans giving us the 2 fingers as their tram pulls away, so the 5 us, all in kilts let them see what a true JAMBO wears the whole tram erupts in laughter. A magic experience.

Set off for blighty on the Thursday morning and discovered we had left the car lights on since the Tuesday. No good idea after drinking Czech bud till 5 in the morning, had to push the thing for what seem like miles before it would start. Arrived back at Tynecastle at 4pm on the Friday to buy tickets for Ibrox on the Friday..


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