London Hearts Memorable Match

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Nominated By

Kenny Bedgood

Where Do You Live



FC Lantana

Approx Date

August 1998


Away, Europe


1 -0


Lee Makel

What Happened

Generally poor game, only livened up the Hearts' support giving the Pieman a hard time about apparently 'discouraging' Jambos from travelling.

Went with my flatmate from Aberdeen via Amsterdam and Helsinki. Arrived in Tallin by hydrofoil from Helsinki on the morning of the game and generally spent the rest of the day getting pished. Anyway about half way through the first half the old bladder needed some relief. When I got back someone was sitting in my seat.

Not a problem given the size of the crowd, but my drink (water, as a hangover was already starting) was at their feet. As I went to pick it up Lee Makel decided it was about time we scored, and I missed the goal.

As its the furthest I've ever travelled to see Hearts, I spent the rest of the game desperately hoping we'd get another to make up for it to no avail. Still haven't seen the goal on telly although my mates, who didn't go, all have and they love telling me all about it.

Other Comments

Can any other Jambos say 'they've travelled far bus and car and if not that we'll go by hydrofoil'?

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