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Geoff Kilpatrick

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Feb 1998


Away, League


4-2 to the Gorgie Boys


Can't remember/don't care who scored for them. For the JT's -
Jim Hamilton
Colin Cameron
Steve Fulton and Stephane Adam

What Happened

2nd in the league, Hearts go to Fir Park with many of the bastard tipsters on the radio predicting an upset, forgetting that we were unbeaten to this date in 1998.

However, their worst predictions seem to be coming true as 'Well are 2 up with half an hour gone.

Almost immediately, Jim Hamilton heads home from a Stevie Fulton cross to reduce the deficit.

Down by a goal at half-time, Hearts storm back in the second. Mickey scores whilst seeming to kick the ball out of Woods' hands to equalise.

Ten minutes later, Baggio puts it away and starts a tapdance in front of the huge travelling support as we go into the lead and with 5 minutes remaining, Neil McCann sets up Adam to nod home number 4, despite offside claims.

A brilliant comeback and it really shut the Jim Traynor's and Chick Young's of this world up.

Other Comments

The result meant that Hearts officially couldn't be relegated and the vermin officially couldn't finish above us as they were languishing in bottom spot.

It also showed that we had the bottle to go on and make a real title challenge.

Unfortunately, injuries to key players robbed us in the end. Still, it's my favourite memory of the league in that season, although it pales into insignificance compared to the Cup win the same year.


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