London Hearts Memorable Match

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david gardiner

Where Do You Live



Paris St Germain

Approx Date

August 1984


Away, Europe





What Happened

Played off the park but the support was incredible. England and Liverpool fans had wrecked the place recently so the CRS were out in force.

They couldn't understand why we were still there singing long after the final whistle.

My favourite memory was a CRS guy with a Hearts tammy on top of his cap and a scarf around his Alsatian's neck posing for photos with Hearts fans.

Other Comments

Very cheap drunkenness in an expensive city!

Mates called off late so I went on my own.

Got chatting to some PSG fans - turned out they were Communists so when I told them I was a skint student they bought me Stella all night.

Which was nice.


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